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From A Rookie To A Trader And Educator: Darshan Hirpara’s Journey In The Stock Market

“The market needs more participants and when one person grows, another person’s growth is automatically accelerated,” said Darshan Hirpara, 23 when asked why he wants to teach his strategies to others. It was a rather enlightening conversation about his successful financial journey. Here are excerpts from the discussion: Q. When did you first start trading and how did it happen? A. I first started trading in the stock market while in secondary school at the age of sixteen with parental permission. I learnt everything on my own and didn’t have a mentor or anyone to guide me. My mother was a little apprehensive in the beginning because she thought it was gambling but luckily my father liked the fact that I was showing ambition and thinking outside-the-box. He wished to ascertain what I may create of it. I started trading with money that I had been saving over the years from my birthdays and took another 25,000 rupees from my father. I restricted myself to only 50,000 rupees in the begin…

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